Drinking more water: Neither green tea nor any juice, water is the best detox, know the shocking truth

Drinking more water: There is no need to detox the liver. Liver is the only organ in the body that repairs itself.

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Drinking more water

Drinking more water is important for liver: Liver is the most important part of our body, or in simple language it is the power house of our body. Everyone has a different opinion regarding liver cleansing. Many misconceptions have spread among the people regarding this. For example, the liver needs to be detoxified once a year. Many such discussions are heard from people. But its real fact is something else. According to liver experts from the University of Chicago, a balanced diet is most important to keep the liver healthy. Liver does not require any kind of detox, it is a self-repairing organ.

abstinence from alcohol is most important

According to experts doing research on liver, some tips can be adopted to keep it safe. The most important of which is distance from alcohol. Because alcohol causes the most damage to the liver in beverages. Apart from this, water is the most important drink to detox the liver. Apart from this, there are some such drinks like adding buttermilk and curd to the food, the functioning of the liver can be improved.
Juices Don’t Detox the Liver
According to health experts, there is no such juice in the market which can detoxify the liver. It can be kept safe only with water. By drinking a lot of water, the liver automatically detoxifies. Apart from this, balanced diet strengthens it. On the other hand, liver is such an organ that it also does light repairs on its own.
These are the benefits of green tea and coffee
You all know about the harm caused to the body by drinking coffee. But it also has many advantages. About whom very few people probably know. According to nutrition and dietetics experts, drinking four cups or more of unsweetened green tea a day can reduce the risk of liver cancer. Similarly, coffee reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis. Yes, consuming it in excess quantity causes many other side effects in the body.

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