Health Tips: Eating green vegetables and fruits can remove anemia in this season

This season is considered the best to remove anemia in the body. Many such fruits and vegetables are available in this season which helps in curing many diseases. Joint pain can also be removed by adopting many habits.

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green vegetables

This season is called Ritu Sandhikal in Ayurveda. These days green leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, green onion, green garlic are available in abundance. All these foods are rich in iron and vitamins which are water soluble. There is a lot of iron deficiency in women, so these vegetables should be compulsorily included in their diet. Amla, sweet lime, orange etc. are also easily available in this season. Sufficient amount of Vitamin C is found in these fruits which removes iron deficiency in the body.

sitting in the sun is beneficial

Ayurveda expert Dr. Preeti Singh said that overall, this season is the season to remove anemia in the body. Desi jaggery must be eaten daily in this season because it is a good source of iron. It is often seen that there is a lot of deficiency of Vitamin D-3 in women, this is a big problem. But the sad thing is that vitamin D-3 deficiency does not go away from any food item. Its deficiency can be removed only by sunlight. The body itself makes vitamin D-3 by sitting in the sun. That’s why one should try to sit in the sunlight for some time before 10 am. Vitamin D-3 only absorbs calcium in our body. Joint and muscle pain increases in cold days, which can be reduced to a great extent by sitting in the sun.

cook in mustard oil

Seen in the Indian scenario, mustard oil is considered the best. Actually, the effect of mustard oil is hot, in such a situation, food made in mustard oil should be eaten in winter. However, if you do not eat food made in mustard oil, then keep in mind that the oil used is not made from cold process, that is, there is no refined. If you want, you can also use raw ghani oil instead of mustard oil. Many spices used in everyday life are also very beneficial in this season. Like black pepper, coriander, cumin etc. are also full of many qualities. Consuming them in the right quantity is very beneficial for health.


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