Sugar Side Effects: 8 such symptoms appear on the body due to excessive consumption of sugar

Sugar Side Effects Are you also fond of sweets? So be careful! Excess intake of sugar starts affecting our body badly. Today we are telling that if you eat more than necessary sweets then in what way it starts harming the body.

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Sugar Side Effects

Sugar Side Effects: To stay healthy it is necessary that we consume all the nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbs, fats and minerals. However, there are some such things in our daily food, which do not benefit the body, yet we consume them. One of these is sugar, about which we will talk today.

As we know that eating sugar does not benefit our body. Consuming too much sweet or sugar invites many diseases. Which includes weight gain, diabetes, cavities in teeth and high BP. That is, for a healthy body, it is important that we consume the least amount of sugar. So let’s know today what is the effect of eating too much sugar on the body.

These 8 changes start appearing on the body after eating more sweets

Eating too much sugar leads to excessive secretion of androgens, which can trigger acne.

Consuming too much sugar or sweets also lowers the energy level in the body, due to which you start feeling weak and tired. Most sugary foods lack essential nutrients.

High blood pressure
Sugar also has a negative effect on blood pressure, due to which the problem of hypertension ie high blood pressure can start.

Starts gaining weight
By eating more chocolate, sweets or white sugar, your weight starts increasing rapidly.

Bad mood
Excess sugar in the diet affects mood. Due to this you feel irritable all the time.

Int pain
There has been a lot of research that suggests that there is a link between high sugar intake and rheumatoid arthritis. That is, if your diet includes high intake of sugar, then your bones can also be affected by it.

Sleep is also affected due to weakness and irritability. Eating too much sweets has a bad effect on sleep.

Stomach problems
For people who already suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as IBS or Crohn’s disease, consuming too much sugar can make the situation worse.

So what is the healthy alternative to sweets?
Consuming honey or jaggery instead of sugar is considered healthy. However, many health experts do not believe so because honey, jaggery and sugar have the same glycemic index.

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