Tulsi Water Benefits: If you drink Tulsi water every morning on an empty stomach, then these diseases will not wander around!

Tulsi Water Benefits Tulsi is not only worshiped but in Ayurveda it is considered no less than a magical medicine. From seasonal flu to detoxing the body, Tulsi water can benefit you in many ways.

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Tulsi Water

You will find Tulsi plant in almost every house in India. This is because the Tulsi plant is worshiped here. Apart from this, there are many benefits of consuming Tulsi, it is used in Ayurveda to treat many diseases and disorders. Apart from this, daily consumption of Tulsi can open the blocked nose and removes acidity and tension.

If you too have been wanting to add Tulsi to your lifestyle for a long time, then you can start it with Tulsi water on an empty stomach in the morning. So let’s know about its surprising benefits.

benefits of tulsi water

  1. The biggest advantage of Tulsi water is that it instantly detoxifies the body and organs.
  2. Tulsi water proves to be good for heart health.
  3. Its intake helps in reducing heartburn and acid reflux.
  4. Tulsi water also works to boost immunity, especially in the midst of fear of flu, cough and covid.
  5. It also helps in treating common cold and flu-like symptoms.
  6. Basil water gives relief in the treatment of cough and respiratory diseases.
  7. Along with reducing stress, it also lowers blood pressure.
  8. If you are troubled by mouth ulcers, then basil water can be beneficial for you.

How to make Tulsi water?

Preparing Tulsi water is very easy. For this you need fresh basil leaves. Put the leaves in water and let it heat on a low flame for 15 minutes. After this, filter it and put it in a cup and sip it slowly. There is no need to throw away the strained basil leaves. You can put it in food or in tea or make a face pack out of it.

Tulsi is also great for the skin

  • Daily consumption of Tulsi water can remove acne and pimples.
  • If you are troubled by acne scars, then you can prepare a paste of basil leaves and apply it on the scars. Within a few days, the spots will start to lighten.
  • Tulsi also removes the problems related to the scalp.
  • Tulsi also works to fight skin rashes and infections.

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