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Israel will Send Experts and Technology to Help India Battle COVID: Ambassador Ron Malka

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As India continues to receive medical assistance from various countries around the world, Israel’s Ambassador, Dr. Ron Malka, spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network on Sunday evening. Dr. Ron Malka discussed the medical aid that Israel sends to India and what other methods might be used to fight the lethal Coronavirus during his interview.

When asked about the touching incident in which Israelis gathered to chant “Om Namah Shivay” to pray for India, Dr. Ron Malka said that it is “exciting” to see how the Israeli people are rallying to support India. The Ambassador said that the consignments of medical assistance from Israel are a gesture of support from the citizens of Israel to the people of India.

Dr. Ron Malka mentioned various medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, oxygen generators, respirators, and other life-saving aids are being transported to India, but that many of these consignments are yet to arrive.

“We are checking every corner of Israel for as many types of equipment as we can give to India,” he added. As previously said, these items come from both the public and private sectors of the country. Israelis are searching for appliances in homes, factories, and other locations. Whatever equipment is not in use in India is currently being sent across the world. We are attempting to give the finest equipment possible to our dear friend India.”

Dr. Malka said that the private sector and Israel’s defense sector are working together to deliver humanitarian assistance to India in its time of need and that the private and public sectors have joined forces to assist India in its fight against the deadly virus.

He said that the defense sector is not only sending available equipment to India but also manufacturing special equipment for the nation. He added that, aside from this, everyone else who wants to help India can do so online, and that an expert team from Israel will also visit to share our medical strategy for combating the pandemic.

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