31 thousand corona cases were found in one day in China: this is the highest in the corona period, lockdown in 8 districts with a population of 66 lakhs

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Corona infection has started increasing again in China. 31,454 new cases were found on Thursday. This is the highest during the Corona period. Earlier, the highest number of 28, 000 cases were found in this April. China’s average daily cases have reached a record high since the start of the pandemic, according to data from the National Health Bureau.

Meanwhile, under the guise of increasing cases, the Chinese administration has imprisoned a population of 6.6 million in Zhengzhou and its surrounding 8 districts by imposing a lockdown. Before this order, the population of 2 lakhs of this area is under lockdown for one and a half months. The new order came into effect from Friday.

Demonstrations at the iPhone factory
also include iPhone City in the locked-down area, where an uprising broke out a day earlier over isolation policies and poor working conditions. The employees protested. There was also a clash between the police and the protesters here. Apart from Apple employees, voices of protest were also raised in other nearby factories.

Corona Negative Report Compulsory
Zhengzhou authorities tried to quell protests in surrounding cities, including iPhone City, by ordering mass testing. It has also been said in the order that people cannot leave their area until they have a negative corona report and the approval of the local authorities. He can’t even get out of the house.

20% of China’s GDP under lockdown
Lockdown is continuously affecting China’s business. According to experts, the sector which contributes 20% to China’s GDP is still going through lockdown or strict restrictions. Its central banks are also estimating China’s growth from 4.3% to 4% next year. The biggest reason for the decline in growth is also the two-month lockdown implemented from April 2 in the main business hub Shanghai.

Demand: Leave the zero covid policy China
has been under lockdown for months in the regions of Xinjiang and Tibet. The authorities have raised the demand that a complete lockdown of a huge city like Shanghai should be avoided to control the corona. Some are also giving opinion to leave zero covid policy.

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