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A Home Away from Home for Mental Health Patients

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Soon mental health patients will be able to spend more quality time together with relatives and live together throughout their treatment period, thus ensuring greater reintegration into society. With the setup of a Family Short-Stay Home, the relatives of the individual will be able to reside with the individual, take active involvement in the treatment program, and thus enable better reinstatement of their individual to the household.

The Family Short Stay Home project was envisaged by the Social Justice Department in its endeavor to de-stigmatize mental health sufferers and allow easy transition of their retrieved inmates to the society and family. The exact same will probably be implemented in additional mental health centers in the country following the pilot run.

The concept is to allow the patients to live at a comfortable support system in addition to the relatives until they change for their houses. “Many mental health patients continue to be left in cells after healing, not able to return home. This is a really extreme scenario since the households refuse to accept them. Along with also the Family Short Stay Home is among those elements of the emotional health plan program.

This House can help in better understanding between the household whereby they’ll be confident enough to take the retrieved patients back to home. The choice regarding when to call for the family in the treatment program and also to change the individual to the residence is going to be accepted by the physician,” states a Social Justice Department official. The residence has been constructed spending Rs 50 lakh. It is going to also fit a front lawn which will assist the staff monitor the individual and the family. Just 1 family will be residing in the house at a time.

This type of House will permit the family members to participate in their treatment program and understand the individual better and consequently reintegrate the manhood back to the household,” says Anil Kumar L, superintendent, Mental Health Centre, Peroorkkada. We envisage a serene, homely atmosphere in the center. There’ll be a kitchen, dining room area, everything to create the individual and family feel at home. It’s likewise a kind of family treatment. The physician and staff will be present to track the household throughout the procedure. The construction will just have a ground floor as we can not raise the elevation contemplating patients using a suicidal propensity,” he states. The center will be ready in a month or two, he adds.

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