Apple, banana and pineapple will keep you active in winter: sunshine will get rid of mood swings and depression, chocolate will give you extra energy1

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In winter, many people suffer from winter blues i.e. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Due to this, problems like mood swings, anxiety and sometimes depression have to be faced.

Physician Dr. Sritesh Mishra says that life slows down in the cold. Apart from this, our energy level remains down in winter, our routine cycle deteriorates due to longer nights. At the same time, due to short and cloudy days, less sunlight is available and this has a direct effect on mental health.

How to know if you have winter blues

Our activity decreases due to cold. Due to increasing winter, we like to reduce physical work. Gradually, our daily routine gets badly spoiled. Especially when the sun is not out, we feel bad inside. It seems that there is no strength left in the body. We remain depressed and especially like to be isolated and alone. Do you know that all the symptoms point towards winter blues i.e. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The level of these hormones fluctuates in the body

In winter, the level of serotonin i.e. feel good hormone starts decreasing, which directly affects our mood. Its fall is the biggest reason for our feeling lazy and disappointed.

At the same time, the increase in melatonin hormone has a direct effect on sleep and mood. In winter, it gets dark early and light comes late, due to which the level of melatonin in the body increases and we feel lethargic.

It is necessary to take Vitamin D

Sunlight is the biggest source of making vitamin D in the body. This increases the level of serotonin in the body. Due to this, the hypothalamus gland of the brain becomes active, due to which things like sleep, mood and appetite are controlled. That’s why experts advise that one must sit in the sun for at least half an hour in the cold.

Include apple, banana and pineapple in the diet

Things like excessive amount of caffeine, processed food and refined sugar increase the problem of mental health. That’s why try to eat green vegetables and dry fruits especially raisins in winter. Include fruits in your diet. Eat fruits like apple, banana and pineapple. These are carbohydrate rich fruits, which release serotonin hormone and help in lifting the mood.

Energy will be boosted by eating dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is also considered good for mood swings and depression. It contains polyphenols, antioxidant properties, which are considered good for health. Eating this helps in boosting energy.

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