As important as exercise is for a healthy life, it is equally important to take care of food and drink with it

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Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is not a short-term exercise. Continuous efforts have to be made for this.

sprouted food

Protein plays the most important role in weight loss. If you take more protein in your diet, then your weight will reduce quickly and exercise will also be good. Sprouted moong-gram, sprouts cheela or idli can be eaten to include protein. It can be taken as breakfast in the morning or as a mid-snack at 4-5 in the evening.

complex carbohydrates

We get energy from carbohydrates, so we cannot ignore it. To reduce weight, we should use complex carbohydrates like grains like oatmeal, oats, semolina. We should not take carbohydrates at night, only vegetables or soup should be taken. If you eat four chapatis, eat three chapatis instead. Take a bowl at the beginning of a salad meal. Due to this, the stomach will also be full and the amount of carbohydrates will also be less. Must take a fruit in food.

less oil usage

The amount of oil also affects the weight. In this process of weight loss, we can use 1 teaspoon of oil or ghee throughout the day.

before exercise

Before doing any kind of exercise, we should pay attention to our diet. If we are going to gym or any heavy exercise then we have to have our meal 2 hours before. Before starting exercise, fruits like black coffee, green tea or orange should be taken. So that the body remains hydrated.

cinnamon/cumin water

If you are doing workout in the morning, then you should boil half a teaspoon of cumin seeds in a glass of water and drink it after filtering. Or you can drink a glass of warm water by adding a pinch of cinnamon powder. 3-4 liters of fluid must be taken throughout the day.

After exercise,
only protein-rich food should be taken after exercise, such as eggs, nuts, mushrooms, paneer, broccoli, chicken soup, etc. If you are exercising in the morning, then take some complex carbohydrates like oatmeal or oats along with protein in breakfast.

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