As soon as Corona knocked, I remembered the equipment bought last year, the goods worth crores that were gathering dust will help again

Last year, during the second wave of Corona, Dhanbad had received equipment and supplies worth about Rs 10 crore under the PM Cares Fund, which are now kept in the Community Health Center, which can now be used in deteriorating conditions.

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Second wave of corona virus In the year 2021, Dhanbad had received equipment and goods worth about Rs 10 crore under the PM Cares Fund, which are currently kept in community health centers. Many of these machines haven’t even opened the box yet. Goods worth crores of rupees are also packed in the store room of Sadar Hospital. Now after increasing the possibility of corona infection, the health department is engaged in their investigation. The condition of the apathy of the officers is that the machine sent from Sadar Hospital to the Blocks in July and August 2021 is now being opened. In such a situation, how much work is left of the machine, it will be known after testing.


Dhanbad got goods worth 10 crores

Under the PM Cares Fund, Dhanbad has received equipment and goods worth more than Rs 10 crore in the year 2021. These include four oxygen plants. Two oxygen plants have been installed in Medical College and two in Sadar Hospital. The cost of these four is more than six crore rupees. There are oxygen concentrators, oxygen supported beds, screening machines worth about four crore rupees. There are oxygen concentrator machines worth about two crore rupees. Oxygen support beds worth Rs 1 crore, ventilators worth Rs 1 crore.

BDO did not show interest, doctor in charge is also indifferent

In the year 2021, on the increase of corona infection, a committee was constituted in all the blocks by the district administration. In all the blocks, 20-20 oxygen supported beds were asked to be prepared under the supervision of the Block Development Officer there. Oxygen supported beds have not been prepared in the blocks even after one year due to the officers not showing interest. In such a situation, patients will have to depend on district hospitals due to increase in corona in rural areas.

Then have to depend on private doctors

In the second wave of corona infection, the doctors of the Indian Medical Association were resorted to. The government had promised to reinstate the doctors and employees. Even after a year has passed, the doctors and staff have not been reinstated. The health department has 63 doctors working against the sanctioned posts of 125. In place of about 700 nurses, para medical staff, 256 nurses and para medical staff are working. Most of these are on contract under the National Health Mission.

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