AstraZeneca to Seek US Authorization for its Coronavirus Vaccine This Month

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The US stance may thwart AstraZeneca’s attempts to come closer to delivering on its contractual duty with the EU of 180 million doses from the next quarter. AstraZeneca advised the EU earlier this year it would cut off its supplies at the next quarter at least half to less than 90 million doses, EU sources told Reuters, following a larger decrease in the initial 3 months of this year.

The AstraZeneca vaccine, developed in cooperation with Oxford University, was approved to be used in the European Union and several countries although not by US regulators. “The US Phase III study results are essential for the FDA’s test of a EUA petition because of our vaccine,” a company spokeswoman said, without verifying trial particulars being reported by Reuters. “We anticipate information from our US Phase III trial to be available shortly, in the forthcoming weeks, and we intend to declare emergency use authorization soon afterward.”

Highly expected results in the US trial might help settle security issues arising from reports of serious blood clots in certain vaccine recipients who have led many states to stop administering the vaccine. The information may also help determine what becomes of dosages currently sitting in US warehouses awaiting acceptance. The New York Times reported Thursday that some nations have been requesting to secure doses of this vaccine not now being provided in the USA.

The British drugmaker completed registration in its own trial of over 32,000 volunteers in January and currently has information on 150 cases of COVID-19, two sources knowledgeable about the trial told Reuters. The amount of COVID-19 cases in one of the individuals who got the vaccine versus illnesses in participants who received placebo will reveal how successful the AstraZeneca shot has been at preventing illness in people age 18 and above.

AstraZeneca said in February it anticipates its vaccine could get US emergency use authorization at the start of April and may instantly deliver 30 million doses to places around the USA. At a Friday press briefing, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients explained the United States has a small stock of this AstraZeneca vaccine, that it intends to maintain and deploy Americans if a EUA is allowed.

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