Attention ! Do you also eat too much salt? Kidney stone problem can bother you, learn 5 remedies

Salt Intake Side: Do you also like to eat more salt? If yes, then change this habit from today itself, because excessive consumption of salt can give rise to problems like kidney stones.

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Salt Intake Side Effects:  In today’s time, the problem of kidney stone (kidney stone) is not only taking the people of growing age, but also the youth in its grip. Its symptoms are not understood quickly and then the size of the stone increases. At the same time, if not treated properly, the risk of kidney damage also increases. Apart from wrong lifestyle and eating habits, eating more salt (Salt Intake Side Effects) can also cause kidney stone problems. In such a situation, we are telling you some ways, by adopting which you can get rid of the risk of life time kidney stone.
These are also the reasons for having kidney stone
This is called kidney stone. When dissolved minerals get accumulated in the kidney and cannot get out of the body, then it becomes a stone. Kidney stone can also occur due to problems like medical history, obesity, diabetes, high BP and high uric acid. Whatever may be the reason for this, it is very important to have timely and correct treatment. 
5 ways to avoid kidney stone
1. Don’t use too much salt
According to a Harvard Health report, eating too much salt can cause kidney stone problems, because eating too much salt will increase the amount of calcium in the urine, which will also increase the risk of stone formation. We should not use more than 2300 mg of salt in a day, while 1500 mg of salt is right for people suffering from kidney stones. 
2. Drinking more water will avoid danger
To avoid this problem, drink plenty of water daily. Due to this, the extra minerals accumulated in the kidney come out. If you mix lemon or something sour in water and drink that water, even then the risk of kidney stone is averted. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily. 
3. Calcium 
You will never have kidney stone problem by eating calcium rich foods. Consuming milk, curd, paneer, soybean, almonds and green leafy vegetables will reduce the chances of calcium accumulation in your urine, due to which there will be no risk of stone.
4. Uric Acid
Don’t use red meat, chicken, egg and seafood in excess. Excessive consumption of these increases the amount of uric acid in the body and the risk of kidney stones. Eat healthy food instead of non-veg. 
5. Don’t eat chocolates
The use of more chocolate, tea and walnuts also increases the risk of kidney stones. In such a situation, you should keep distance from these things, eat healthy things as much as possible.

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