Avoid peanuts in liver problem-skin allergy: increase the difficulty of arthritis patients, know how much to eat daily

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In winter, most people like to sit together and eat peanuts. Especially on holidays, everyone likes to eat peanuts while sitting in the sun or roasting by the fire. Peanut has a warming effect, so many people eat it daily in winter, but if eaten in excess, it can also harm the body.

Dietician Kamini Sinha says that the amount of calories in peanuts is high, due to which eating more can increase problems like weight, BP and heart problems.

Avoid peanuts in liver problems and skin allergies

There is a possibility of increasing the liver problem by eating peanuts in excess. Apart from this, there are chances of skin allergy, swelling, redness, itching on the body by eating more peanuts. That’s why those who already have any skin related disease should avoid eating peanuts. On the other hand, if you are suffering from jointis, then eating peanuts can be harmful.

It is harmful for arthritis patients

Aflatoxin is found in most of the peanuts, it is very harmful for the body. This weakens the immunity and there is a possibility of liver damage due to the increase in the amount of afla toxin in the body. On the other hand, arthritis patients should stop eating peanuts. Due to the lectin present in peanuts, inflammation and pain in the body increases.

Acidity and heartburn may occur

According to other nuts, the amount of fats in it is high. That’s why eating peanuts in excess causes acidity and heartburn. It can also cause bloating, constipation and gastric complaints.

Peanuts eliminate the amount of omega 3 in the body

Omega 6 fatty acids are found in sufficient quantity in peanuts. By eating more of it, the body’s omega-3 starts decreasing. Omega-3 is extremely beneficial for the body. It helps in reducing triglycerides and blood pressure, increases good cholesterol and improves blood circulation.

how many peanuts can i eat daily

Eating about 42 to 50 grams of it daily does not cause any harm to health. Many experts believe that if you suddenly feel hungry, eating peanuts removes hunger and gives energy to the body. At the same time, it should not be eaten at night before eating or before sleeping. This can cause problems like gas, constipation or bloating and can worsen the health even more.

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