Axiom Healthcare Strategies And UNICEF Announce A New Partnership

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Axiom Healthcare

Axiom Healthcare Strategies announced today a pivotal partnership with UNICEF USA to help provide vaccines to the most vulnerable children in 190 nations globally. Axiom will join the Humanitarian Circle at the Defender Level to provide sustained support for one of the world’s most devastating healthcare crises.

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Axiom Healthcare Strategies will extend its impact internationally through this partnership by helping provide vaccines to underserved children globally. UNICEF provides vaccines to 45% of all children and continues to promote high-impact health interventions for mothers and children.

Despite the efficacy and availability of vaccines in the global north, access to vaccination is still a major issue in the global south. Over 20 million children miss out on life-saving vaccines for diseases such as polio, tuberculosis which have been all but eradicated in the United States. This partnership is a move forward for Axiom to continue its people-first ethos.

The ethos not only represents growth in new verticals, geographic locations, and innovation, but also brings growth for thinkers at the table both personally and professionally. As a people-first strategy think tank, gross happiness index is important to us. Our partnership with UNICEF allows us to extend this ethos to citizens of the world in 190 nations,” said Hafiz Sikder, Axiom’s Managing Principal.

Health ID: Another Aadhaar in the offing for new digital medical care  ecosystem - The Economic Times“Team Axiom voted and chose UNICEF’s Immunization pillar to give underserved children the chance at a healthy life. Before all other facets of life, health is outstanding as a necessity to pursue one’s goals. The critical work of delivering vaccines to over 400 million children annually aligns with Team Axiom’s goal to promote global health equity.”

For over 70 years, UNICEF has been putting children first, protecting their rights, and providing the assistance and services they need to thrive. Due to improved global vaccination access, the world has never been in a better position to eradicate polio. Immunization against measles, rubella and tetanus are bringing us closer to eliminating these devastating diseases.

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