Baldness In Men: These popular drinks may be behind the rapid reduction of hair in men!

Men Hair Loss A new research has revealed that the risk of hair loss increases by 42 percent in people who drink a lot of sweet drinks. For research, the eating habits and lifestyle of 1000 Chinese men were monitored.

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Baldness In Men

Almost everyone suffers from hair loss with age, but after an age in men, hair starts decreasing rapidly. Men all over the world are troubled by baldness. Genetic and environmental factors play a role in hair loss, but doctors have recently discovered that there are certain drinks that increase the risk of baldness in men by 30 percent.

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According to experts from Beijing’s Tsinghua University, men who consume sweetened tea, coffee or energy drinks daily are at higher risk of hair loss. Researchers said that men who drink one to three liters of tea, coffee or energy drinks a week also have an increased risk of hair loss.

How do energy drinks cause hair loss in men?

Those who drank more than one sugary drink a day had a 42 percent increased risk of hair loss. For the study, experts followed 1,000 Chinese men aged 18 to 45 for four months. During this, their eating habits and mental health history were also tracked. It was found that men who eat more fast food and less vegetables are more prone to hair loss.

Along with this, it has also been observed that hair loss can also increase in people who have been struggling with problems like restlessness or nervousness. There have been many such studies in the past, which clearly show that a healthy diet works to make hair beautiful and reduces the risk of hair loss.

Experts also say that hair follicles are the second fastest-dividing cells in the body, which require all the essential nutrients found in a healthy, balanced diet. It contains healthy fats, carbohydrates, lean proteins, vitamins and minerals, which prevent hair loss and thinning. On the other hand, lack of nutrients and crash diets can increase this problem.

Is hair loss common?

According to the National Health Services, hair loss is common. If you lose 50-100 hairs daily, then it is nothing to worry about. If hair loss becomes excessive, or patches of baldness appear on the scalp, then you should consult a doctor about this. In case of itching and burning accompanied by bold patches, you must seek expert advice.

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