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Barts Health Launches Covid-19 Staff Self-Testing Results Platform

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The platform will create test-results submission simpler, faster, and more secure for employees, and permits reporting to be automatic.

Reporting data — that can be filed to Public Health England (PHE) daily — can be divided by groups including character type, division, ward, sex, and ethnicity, which encourages hopes to identify outbreaks and understand trends in the disease.

Barts Health may also utilize Infinity for the further goal of registering and documenting test kit supply.

Karen Green, lateral leak testing lead in Barts Health NHS Trust, explained: “Our team advised us that they needed a method to report their own Covid-19 test results fast.

“Using Infinity means that they just had to input the date of the evaluation, test strip amount, and outcome — decreasing the amount of repeated data and saving time and energy. Infinity ensures outcomes are listed accurately and makes information reporting easy and fast.”

Elliott Engers, CEO at Infinity Health, stated: “The NHS stays under tremendous pressure in the effect of Covid-19, and employees self-testing is vital to disease management. This milestone is a testament to each of the trusts which are working to make sure their employees can easily and safely apply results, saving precious time and preserving data integrity and safety.

“We have been amazed at the way in which the NHS continues to embrace new reporting requirements, often at short notice, and are happy that more and more are picking Infinity to encourage them to satisfy their reporting and testing requirements.”

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