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Bengal Couple Will Move to Central Asian Nations for Increasing Mental Health Awareness

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“We’re eager to spread the awareness of mental health across age classes. In 2021 they intend to journey through the early and unexplored Silk Trail, together with the message of being siphoned and with sound psychological health, said Koushik who’s an entrepreneur. “The last time we distribute awareness about Safe Drive into some Pain-Free Life in association with West Bengal Government and traveled nearly 45,000 kilometers across 32 states,” explained Debanjali, an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. “In 2020, we had to maintain our drifting souls hibernated, since the planet went through a transition suddenly. All of us can expect that 2021 will probably be a lot safer and better,” Koushik explained.

Approximately three years later travel to 32 nations in an automobile to make people conscious of pain control, a few West Bengal are put to push to four states of Central Asia for increasing awareness on mental wellbeing. “In Kyrgyzstan, we’ll experience the nomads’ life, their meals, their civilization, and also the way to become pleased against all odds,” she explained. They’ve intended to pay the four states at 18 days. Given the stressful lifestyle throughout the COVID age, steady mental health has come to be as crucial as any medication, they said adding that a healthy brain makes it possible for an individual to work productively, which subsequently increases their contributions to society. Dr. Debanjali Roy along with her entrepreneur husband Koushik Roy explained they will visit Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, covering a space of about 4,000 kilometers, in May.

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