Blood pressure is controlled by blowing conch shell: research of Berlin University – bacteria die from the sound of conch shell, it is beneficial to play it in the morning and evening1

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Conch Shell

Have you played the conch shell? If not, then learn to play it, because it has not only spiritual but also scientific benefits. The sound of the conch shell not only purifies the environment but also cures many diseases.

Berlin University and Stanford University have told in their research that if conching is done regularly in an area, then microbes or harmful bacteria are eliminated there.

The sound of conch gives relief to thyroid patients and lungs

The sound of conch shell has a specific wavelength and frequency. When we play it, there is a positive effect on our body and mind. Patients of thyroid and asthma get relief from this. Thyroid controls hormone secretion. By inhaling and exhaling while blowing the conch shell, the muscles of our lungs become very active. This expands the lungs. Pulmonologist Dr. RK Yadav of RKLC Metro Hospital, Shadipur, Delhi, explains that when we play any kind of musical instrument, it expands our lungs. That is, the process of taking oxygen in the lungs and releasing carbon dioxide is better. The deficiencies in the gas exchange center are removed. The same happens in blowing the conch shell.

This is the science behind the sound of conch

Rajeev Sharma, a retired IPS officer of the Uttar Pradesh Police, had read a research paper titled ‘Blowing of Shankh: An Indigenous Tradition for Fitness and Wellness’ at the Indian Science Congress. He has told that blowing conch shell is a unique exercise for human body and mind. It strengthens the muscles of the prostrate, urinary tract, lungs, chest and neck. Its sound not only reduces mental stress but also helps in meditation.

muscles pulled inward in the body

Rajeev Sharma has told that when the conch shell is blown, we inhale and exhale. In this process, the area of ​​lungs, stomach and navel is pushed inwards. Abdominal muscles get stretched. Along with this, the rectal muscles also get stretched. The navel area also expands by inhaling and exhaling. It is also important that while blowing the conch shell, the flow of blood is towards the head and brain. Blowing the conch shell is also a great exercise for the urinary bladder.

Shellfish contains 100% calcium

Dr. Indra Bali Mishra, guest lecturer of Astrology at Banaras Hindu University, explains that conch contains 100 percent calcium. Water is kept filled in it at night in temples or in such houses. This dissolves calcium in water. This water is sprinkled on everyone. When this water goes on the body, the harmful bacteria present around it die. There are more benefits of drinking this water. The body gets extra calcium.

Learn conch shell from a good instructor

If the conch shell is played properly, it has a good effect on our physical and mental health. It should be kept in mind that the conch should not be played without learning. This requires an experienced teacher or instructor.

Bharat Shah, who runs the Conch Sound Club in Surat, Gujarat’s textile city, has written a book called ‘Shankhnaad’. Bharat is a retired engineer from Surat Municipal Corporation. Dozens of people blow conch shells with him every day at a specific time in the morning. He has so far given training to more than 10,000 people to blow the conch shell.

He tells that the sound of conch is also related to Bhramari Pranayama. This gives physical, mental and spiritual relief.

Keep the conch facing towards the sky while blowing

Dr. Indra Bali Mishra says that while standing and blowing the conch shell, your face should be upwards. Along with this, the conch should also be towards the sky. He explains that sound has an important place in the five elements. There should be space for voice. That’s why it is considered best to blow the conch facing upwards.

It can also be played sitting in Padmasan. If the spine and neck are kept straight in this, then the conch shell can be played properly. Inhale as hard as you can, exhale and inhale again. Do this two to three times. Do not breathe through the mouth while blowing the conch shell. Place the mouth of the conch between the lips (slightly on the right side) and slowly blow air into it. Do this several times in a row. Although it is difficult to make a sound in the first attempt.

How to identify real and fake conch shell

Dr. Indra Bali Mishra says that nowadays there is a glut of fake conch shells in the market. Artificial conch shells are also available. That’s why it is important to identify the real conch shell. When you go to buy conch shell, try blowing it in a quiet place. See if you don’t have to exert much force while playing. Immediately after blowing the conch shell, take it near the ear. If it is a real conch, then its sound keeps resonating inside the conch. On listening carefully, it sounds like the waves of the ocean.

One way to identify conch shell is by putting it in water. If it is a real conch, it comes above the water. However, nowadays even the fake conch shells found in the market come up in the water. In earlier times, it was said to keep the conch in the grains. When it is put inside the grain, it comes up. But it is not very scientific. The real conch is recognized by its sound only. The sound of an artificial conch shell has an irritating sound like a crackling sound. But the sound that comes out in the real conch has seriousness in it.

Panchjanya conch is the best

Panchjanya conch is considered the best among all types of conch shells. In the Bhagavad Gita too, the Panchajanya conch has been described. One story is that Lord Krishna took out the Panchajanya conch shell and placed it near the ear of sage Dhruva. This gave him knowledge.

Panchjanya conch has five parts, it is called Simhanusa. It is very big in size. Although it is less available. Even in the Mahabharata, conch shells were blown from the Panchajanya conch before the war and before it ended in the evening. They say that the sound of the conch shell is connected to the universe. There is a sound of Om in the conch shell.

Now most of the conch shells come from Odisha which are small in size.

blow the conch shell in the morning and evening

Dr. Indra says that negative energies go away by the sound of the conch shell. It is believed in the Puranas that the shape of the conch shell and the structure of the earth are almost identical. It has also been told in NASA’s research that the sound emanating from the conch meets the astronomical energy. This kills germs. New energy is communicated. They say that the rays of the sun are not strong in the morning and evening. During this there is an effect of blowing the conch shell. The germs in the atmosphere get destroyed. But in the afternoon or at any other time, the rays of the sun are strong, in such a situation, the sound of the conch does not show much effect.

Shankhnaad was done with 1008 conch shells in Varanasi on January 1, 2022

This year on January 1, 1008 people blew conch shell in Baba Vishwanath temple. Dr. Indra Bali Mishra explains that there is no age to blow the conch shell. It can be played at any age. Four-year-old Vedansh Mishra blew the conch shell in the Vishwanath temple.

Wave vibration from the shape of a conch shell

When you take the conch shell near your ear and listen carefully, you can hear a sound like the waves of the sea coming slowly. In fact the cosmic energy or natural vibrations of the earth get magnified when it enters the conch shell. Sound vibrations happen through the conch shell. It also reduces the pollution spread in the atmosphere. Blowing the conch gives rise to psychological vibrations which increase determination and willpower in a person.

Pandit Shripati Tripathi says that blowing conch shell not only cures the disease but also increases the glow of the face. Wrinkles disappear from the face. By blowing the conch shell, facial muscles get stretched and wrinkles disappear.

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