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Breakfast: One should try in the morning that only healthy things should be included in breakfast. Consuming these things on an empty stomach causes many problems. They are also very harmful for health.

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Breakfast Helathy

Helathy Breakfast: Early morning breakfast is considered very important. It is said that whatever you eat in the morning, its effect remains throughout the day. If you also eat things like fruit juice, samosa, poha early in the morning, then it can harm your health. According to health experts, some things should be avoided in the morning on an empty stomach. These are such things, which act like ‘poison’ for your health. In such a situation, one should avoid eating these things on an empty stomach in the morning. Let’s know.

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Avoid these things on an empty stomach
Although curd is a friend of health, but eating it early in the morning should be avoided. Because the lactic acid found in it can spoil the acidity of the stomach. Due to which problems like acidity in the stomach can occur. That’s why eat curd only in the afternoon.

citrus fruits
Sour fruits should also be avoided in the morning. Although citrus fruits are also very beneficial for health, but eating empty stomach can cause many problems. Due to this, problems like abdominal pain, cramps can also occur. This is the reason why avoid eating it early in the morning.

spicy dish
Spicy things should not be eaten empty stomach in the morning even by mistake. This can cause problems like indigestion. Because of this, your whole day can also get spoiled. Many times eating spicy things on an empty stomach causes problems like stomach cramps, pain. So try to stay away from samosas, kachoris and spicy things on an empty stomach in the morning.

fruit juice
Some people use fruit juice in the morning. If you are drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach, then it can prove to be quite unhealthy. Drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach in the morning can cause problems like gas, acidity, heartburn in the stomach. That’s why one should stay away from these things in the morning.

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