Brown Rice Side Effects: If you also eat brown rice to stay fit, then definitely know its disadvantages

These days people are consuming healthy foods to stay fit. Brown rice, one of these healthy foods, is very popular among people these days. But very few people would know that along with benefiting the body, it also has some disadvantages.

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There is hardly any person who does not like to Brown Rice eat. India is a country where different types of food are prevalent. Food lovers have many options to eat here. People like to eat different things according to their choice. But for some time people have become very concerned about their health as well. In such a situation, most people are getting attracted towards healthy foods to stay fit. Although rice is liked by many people, but due to the health hazards caused by it, people have now started using rice more. But do you know that the brown rice you are using to stay healthy can also be harmful for you. If not, then we will tell you about the losses caused by rice-

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hard to digest brown rice

Eating brown rice can often lead to stomach problems. Actually, rice is not easily digested, due to which stomach related problems like constipation etc. can occur. If you are suffering from any digestive problem, then it is better that you do not consume rice.

Brown rice contains phytic acid

Phytic acid is found in large quantities in brown rice, which can be harmful to our health. Actually, phytic acid does not allow minerals to be absorbed easily in the body. Due to this, there is a problem in absorbing minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium in the body.

folic acid deficiency

Folate or folic acid present in white rice is considered good for the body. But there is a lot of folic acid deficiency in brown rice. In such a situation, the body does not get the necessary folic acid due to its consumption. Folate is very important for pregnant women, so it would be better if such women do not consume rice.

Headache may be a problem

Consuming brown rice in excess can be very harmful to your health. Excessive consumption can cause vomiting and headache. Apart from this, rice can also cause psoriasis and other skin problems.

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