Calcium is necessary for the development of bones in the human body.

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Calcium is essential for bone  development in the human  body.

It is  often seen that due to lack of  calcium in the body,  a normal person is becoming a  victim  of many diseases,  in our daily life at the  present time.   Along  with junk  food,  other types of  such substances are  being  consumed, due to which the amount of  calcium in the  body  is showing a huge decline.  Researchers have admitted that due to   lack of  calcium,  its symptoms  are not seen immediately, but it is detected after several days.  Many times due to    lack of calcium,  the normal person feels tired or weak, bones are weak,  loss of appetite,   sudden hands.  Numbness,  memory loss,     dry skin,  excessive pain during periods  in women as well as weakened immunity   Such symptoms  appear  .

Why  calcium is  important

Bams, MD   of Rajasthan Dispensary  According to devotion, calcium  is considered very important for the  development  of bones in the  human body,  as well as bones and muscles, cells and heart.  It  is considered   extremely  important for the  smooth functioning of the nerves.  To increase the  amount of  calcium,  include  such things in the diet, in which calcium is found in plenty.    Calcium deficiency in the body is due to negligence in food.  Sometimes  it is due  to the consumption of  some kind of medicines, dietary intolerance, hormonal changes, menopause,  lack of nutrition and sometimes  genetic changes.  There may also be a reason.  Due    to lack of   vitamin D in the body, calcium absorption is  not done  better.  If    Ayurvedic herbs  are used to  increase calcium in the body quickly, then the amount of  calcium can  increase.  For this,  there are   Kel-D3 Plus capsules from Rajasthan  Dispensary, complete Ayurvedic is made of herbs, including Ashwagandha, Conch Bhasma.   Vitamin          C    is also  found in  plenty  , which   strengthens bones.   yes.

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Eating unhealthy food  weakens bones

Ashwagandha   is  included   in The Kel  D3 Plus Capsule of Rajasthan Dispensary, which strengthens human   bones and does not lack  calcium and phosphorus.  yes.  The    way  in today’s  lifestyle, most people sit all day and eat unhealthy food throughout the  day.  Due to  this, their bones also     become weak, so cal D3 Plus capsules in which ashwagandha are used  , by    consuming it. Along with  your  bones,   the muscles also start  to become stronger,  as well as the density  of your bones also increases for a  long time and the bones start  to widen  .  yes.   In Ayurveda  , Ashwagandha  is considered useful in removing  many problems,  as well as it   is  counted among  the most important  medicines.  It     contains     nutrients  like iron,  vitamin C, fat, protein, calcium etc.

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