Coreline Soft’s AI imaging diagnostic solutions from Singapore

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South Korean medical AI company Coreline Soft has received medical device certifications from the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore for its line of AI diagnostic support solutions.

Founded in 2012, the company develops imaging AI diagnostic solutions and specializes in thoracic diseases.

It received approvals from Singapore’s HSA for the following nine software solutions:

AVIEW LCS, an AI-based automated lung nodule analysis solution;

AVIEW COPD, an automated analysis solution for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;

AVIEW CAC, an automated diagnostic solution for coronary artery calcification;

AVIEW Modeler, a 3D modeling and printing solution for medical images;

AVIEW Lung Texture, a fully automated solution for analyzing interstitial lung disease patterns;

AVIEW RT ACS, a fully automated organ segmentation solution;

Fissure Integrity, a crack analysis solution; other

Q-Infect, an automated infectious lung disease analysis solution for COVID-19.

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Coreline Soft has expanded aggressively in recent years, persistently securing multiple overseas regulatory approvals to capture the global healthcare AI market, which is expected to be worth $188 billion by 2030.

This is also because its flagship product, AVIEW LCS, has been increasingly used in national lung cancer screening projects across Europe. In addition, some major hospitals in Taiwan, Germany, Belgium and Italy have adopted the same AI solution.


This latest approval win follows Coreline Soft’s market approvals in the United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. Earlier this year, it received a three-year clearance from the Medical Device Single Audit Program.

Additionally, this year Coreline Soft is the only Asian participant in GE Healthcare’s Edison Accelerator Program, which accelerates, validates and scales AI solutions for healthcare

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