Corona is increasing again, increase the use of Giloy: it will protect you from fever, phlegm, cold in the rainy season, eliminate pimples and diabetes3

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Giloy is called Guruchi or Amrita in Sanskrit. Due to the many benefits of Guruchi, it has a different place in Ayurveda. If it is taken in the right quantity, it destroys all the three types of doshas, ​​air, bile and phlegm, hence it is also called Tridosha Shamak Ausidh (destroyer of all three doshas). Giloy is considered like Amrita i.e. nectar because it does not let a person die, protects him from diseases.

When buying from the
market, if you want to buy dry or green giloy from the good market, then break its stalk. It will look like a wheel. This type of Giloy is considered good. Because of this chakra present in Giloy, it is also known as Chakrika. After corona infection, its plant is seen in almost everyone’s house. It is spread over a plant in someone’s garden, then it is spread along the wall of someone’s house. The best Giloy is considered to be that which is spread over the Neem tree. The properties of this Giloy vine are more than others. Even if a small piece of Giloy is planted for the plant, it grows easily. Its plants do not die easily, so it is said that Giloy neither dies itself nor does it allow anyone to die.

Count the qualities of Giloy,
it is bitter. Its effect is hot, so it digests the food easily and also increases the appetite. Fluid present in the body like urine, semen, works to reduce the diseases of blood. The powder prepared from the starch of this Giloy is called Gurvel Satt.

Giloy will benefit more in this way

  • Taking it with cow’s ghee is beneficial in the disease of air. Giloy should be taken with sugar candy in gall related diseases. It is considered best to take with honey in phlegm diseases.
  • As soon as the rainy season comes, the problem of fever and phlegm increases. In this situation, giving Giloy with cloves will be beneficial.
  • A person has mild fever for a long time. If this fever persists for a long time, then in such a situation, cook Giloy inside cow’s ghee and let this ghee be eaten. This will give relief to the person. Do not take dry Giloy for this. Cook the juice of green Giloy inside cow’s ghee. This ghee will give relief in any kind of fever.

How to drink:
When fever starts rising, soak Giloy powder in water. Boil it and filter it. This will bring down any kind of fever easily. If there is weakness inside the body even after fever, then mix the extract of Giloy in milk. Put sugar candy in it and give it to drink. Take special care of one thing that do not give milk when there is fever. This milk should be given only after the fever is over.

How to prepare Giloy ice
Take small pieces of Giloy. Crush it well. Soak it overnight in 40 grams of water. After waking up in the morning, mash it and filter it. This water is called the snow of Giloy. It gives benefits in many types of fever. It gives benefits inside the disease ranging from common cold to corona. If you cannot make Giloy snow, then use the powder available in the market.

It also removes these problems.
Giloy has the ability to purify the blood. Giloy is considered the best medicine for diseases caused by any kind of disorder in the blood. It purifies the blood and also increases the blood. Due to the dirt present in the blood, if the acne and pimples are not ending, then taking Giloy will go away.

  • It also works to eliminate diseases like eczema. Acharya Charak has told Giloy to be beneficial for any skin disease.
  • When there is burning sensation in hands and feet. There is burning sensation in the urine, water flows when there is a feeling of burning sensation in the eyes, then giving Guruchi powder with sugar candy is beneficial.
  • Taking Giloy has a good effect on weakness after TB disease.
  • When diabetes increases, more sugar starts coming in the urine, then taking Giloy is beneficial. In this, the best result is seen by taking giloy on top of neem.
  • Dengue fever is likely to subside quickly by taking Giloy with papaya leaves.
  • In the case of corona, soaking the powder of Giloy at night and filtering it in the morning gives relief. This also boosts immunity.
  • Taking Giloy removes toxins. It also prevents infections caused by bacteria and viruses.
  • It is especially beneficial for skin allergies in women. It keeps the texture of the skin right. There are anti-oxidants present in Giloy, which do not allow age marks to appear on the face. Tightens the skin and keeps wrinkles away.

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