Corona threat in the world: 3.7 crore patients were found in China in 24 hours, drip is being done by tying ropes on the streets

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The situation in China has become uncontrollable due to Corona. Bloomberg has quoted China’s National Health Commission as saying that on Tuesday, 37 million cases were reported here in a single day. However, only 3 thousand cases were reported on this day in the official statistics. According to the report, 24 crore 80 lakh people have been infected in the first 20 days of this month. Earlier in January, 40 lakh corona patients were found in one day.

First of all see… 4 videos of
China going viral The worst condition of China is being told by the videos going viral on social media. In a video, people are seen jostling for oranges. At the same time, in a clip, a child wearing a PPE kit is roaming around. Due to the fear of Corona, people are not allowing him to come near them.

Epidemiologist Eric Feigel-Ding also posted a video on social media. In this, a pile of dead bodies can be seen in a hospital. Human rights activist Jennifer Jang has also shared a clip. It is seen that people are being given drip by tying ropes on the roads.

Today’s big updates related to Corona…

  • Chinese authorities have advised people to stay at home on Christmas. The youth have been specifically asked to avoid crowded areas. Explain that Christmas is not traditionally celebrated in China.
  • People are not donating blood due to fear of Corona in China. Due to this, there has been a huge shortage of blood in the blood banks. A red alert has also been issued regarding this. According to a report, only 3 days of blood is left in the blood banks.
  • Bo Tao, the mayor of Qingdao city of Shandong state of China, has claimed to have received 5 lakh cases in a day. The population here is about 58 lakhs. However, the Chinese government reported only 31 cases in the whole of Shandong.
  • The BF.7 variant spreading in China has spread to 91 countries of the world including India. According to the report of Scripps Research Institute, this variant has been around for the last two years. However, this dangerous has happened now.

How about the rest of the world…

Japan: 1.7 lakh new corona patients were found in 24 hours,
after China, the highest number of corona cases are being reported in Japan. According to the data of Corona worldometers, 1 lakh 73 thousand new cases have come in the last 24 hours. There 315 people have died.

According to the report of Japan Times, the 8th wave has arrived here. Children are dying because of the Omicron variant. 41 children have lost their lives in 8 months. The worsening situation in China has increased Japan’s concern.

France and South Korea: 1.1 lakh new cases, 221 deaths
A total of more than 1 lakh 11 thousand new cases have been found in South Korea and France in the last 24 hours. The number of new cases in South Korea is 68 thousand 168 and in France the figure is 43 thousand 766. 158 people have died in France and 63 in South Korea.

America: 18.3% cases of XBB variant here
, just like the BF.7 corona variant in China, the cases of XBB variant are increasing in America. This is also a mutation of Omicron. According to the American Health Agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 18.3% of the cases reported in the country this week are of the XBB variant. Last week the figure was 11.2%. Cases of this variant are also being found in Singapore.

BF.7: The most powerful variant
of Omicron A new variant of Omicron, BF.7, is spreading in China. Health experts say that this is the most powerful variant of Omicron. The BF.7 variant is made of a specific mutation in the spike protein of the coronavirus, named R346T. According to experts, due to this mutation, this variant is not affected by antibodies.

In simple words, if a person has had corona earlier or has got vaccinated, then antibodies are formed in his body. The BF.7 variant is capable of dodging this antibody as well and entering the body.

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