Covid 19 : Health Staff to Pay for Vaccination at Private Hospitals

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Medical students in government and a couple of senior medical students in private schools are vaccinated, while some in several private schools have never been vaccinated yet. “Since March first week, both private hospitals and medical schools are provided vaccines just once payment is made. For this reason, many HCWs in hospitals that obtained the dose free at their office had to go into a government hospital to get a free next dose or cover for this. There are various HCWs who did not take one dose and will finally need to cover the very same,” explained Kerala Christian Professional College Management Federation’s Fr Francis Pallikunath.

“Government has instructed all district medical officers (DMOs) to establish a couple of different free vaccination facilities for HCWs in certain hospitals. HCWs will make it at no cost,” explained Dr. Jayakrishnan AV, chairman of, IMA committee for vaccination coordination and promotion. After giving free Covid Legislation to all health care workers (HCWs) at the first stage of the vaccination drive, the government has advised that HCWs who get vaccinated in private hospitals might need to cover it. Including HCWs who obtained the initial dose totally free of cost at a private hospital.

This includes even as the hospitals need to wait around two to three times for the vaccine following payment. “The authorities are overcrowded and HCWs have trouble obtaining a vaccine appointment. A senior doctor stated that they’re only after the central government’s directives and today there’s absolutely no center to provide free vaccines to hospitals. Yet, public health experts stated that vaccines that were paid for are for the general public rather than HCWs. Though a few private hospitals and private medical schools have opted to vaccinate their employees at their own cost, others have requested their employees to get vaccinated in a government center or cover exactly the same. Including medical students in private schools.
“Not one of our students is vaccinated yet.

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