Curd Side Effects: Not only eating nutrition-rich curd, but also these 5 disadvantages!

Curd Side Effects Eating curd strengthens immunity, strengthens bones and joints, improves digestion, improves bowel movements, prevents premature aging. However, some people can also go through problems due to its use.

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Hardly anyone’s meal is complete without curd in Indian cities. Curd is definitely included in every meal here. It not only doubles the taste of food, but is also full of nutrients, which keep you fit and active. Yogurt is full of probiotics, which are live bacteria and yeast, which aid digestion and maintain gut health.

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Digestive problems

Although consumption of curd treats heartburn, belching and constipation, but sometimes this probiotic can also increase the problem of gas and flatulence. Health experts also believe that people who consume curd on a daily basis also complain of constipation and excessive thirst. If this happens, stop consuming and consult a doctor.


Many times we do not understand that even the common food eaten daily can be the cause of frequent headache. Curd can be the cause of pain and migraine in half of the head. Doctors say this is due to biogenic amines, which are produced when certain types of protein become old or are fermented by harmful bacteria.

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Allergies get worse

For people who are allergic to certain types of food, it becomes difficult for them to locate that particular food. Health experts believe that probiotics are behind the triggering of allergies in the gut and digestive system. That’s why while buying curd from the market, read its ingredients. Flavored yogurt usually uses dairy, eggs or soy, which can cause allergies.

risk of infection

Although yogurt is safe for most people, in some cases bacteria or yeast found in yogurt can enter the bloodstream and cause infection in susceptible individuals. People with severe acute pancreatitis should not be advised by their doctors to take probiotics, as this may increase the risk of death.

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