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CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite Release 5.0 Takes On The Ransomware Epidemic

Global Healthcare security leader introduces intelligent mitigation actioning into latest release - and launches two new offerings, including the industry's first IoT Security Freemium edition for healthcare organizations who need help now

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CyberMDX Healthcare Security

CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks, today announced the launch of Release 5.0 for its Healthcare Security Suite solution. Alongside the updates, CyberMDX is introducing two new usage tiers to ensure healthcare organizations have access to IoT and Medical Device Security now – regardless of time or budget constraints.

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Healthcare Security Suite | CyberMDX

A recent Ipsos report from CyberMDX and Philips uncovered that while 48% of hospitals surveyed had reported an externally motivated shutdown in the preceding 6 months, only 11% have cybersecurity as a high priority spend. The reality is that despite the critical rise in attacks and breaches, 60-75% of hospitals have “other” spending priorities and many lack the funding to prioritize security above other needs.

Understanding the restrictions many IT and Biomedical professionals have on their time and budgets, CyberMDX has created new offerings, each leveraging capabilities of its Healthcare Security Suite that empower them to start now:

Freemium Edition – A free, single-user edition, centered on risk visibility that enables IT Security or Biomedical professionals to gain immediate access to a view of their IoT and medical device inventory.

Basic Edition – Economical offering that provides 5 licenses for teams to access a live and continuous device inventory. The offering automatically tags assets, provides asset level threat analysis, as well as basic early detection and response capabilities.

“Visibility of what you need to protect is a necessary building block for cybersecurity. Our research, however, has shown that almost half of all hospitals are still using manual processes to track devices across their networks, leading to largely inaccurate results,” said Azi Cohen, CEO of CyberMDX. “The new versions that we have introduced ensure that regardless of size or budget, healthcare organizations that need help now can at least gain the basic network visibility they require to move towards advanced healthcare security.”

CyberMDX’s industry leading Healthcare Security Suite also introduces a 5.0 release with a new set of features to help HDOs gain more insight into the current state of their organizational risks and take immediate action to mitigate prioritized threats. New features include:

Customizable views that highlight new assets or vulnerabilities discovered in the past 14 days, break down new vulnerabilities or assets discovered by category and risk level, and prioritize in order of criticality

Industry Benchmark Reports that generate real-time scores, measuring the level of Patient Safety, Care Delivery, and Data Confidentiality of the individual organization against industry average to identify asset groups of greatest risk

Executive level reports on the overall security posture of the organization, outlining current risks versus resolved risk trends over time

New features to alert HDOs about connected medical and IoT devices with unauthorized communications to forbidden countries

New self-service capabilities that empower customers to take action while saving time and eliminating costly configuration cycles

Basra Industrial Community – Basra Industrial Community

“The threats to our security are changing faster than ever, and our capabilities must keep pace with the rate of evolution,” said Nir Ilani, SVP of Product at CyberMDX. “Our new features are designed to arm all departments of the healthcare organization, whether it’s IT, Biomed, or senior management, with insight into their overall security posture, as well as granular breakdowns of threats. With the ubiquity of attacks against healthcare, the ability to action security, not just see what’s there, is an absolute must.”

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CyberMDX is an IOT security leader dedicated to protecting the quality care of health delivery worldwide. CyberMDX provides cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that support the advancement of The Internet of Medical Things. The CyberMDX solution identifies endpoints and assesses vulnerabilities to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber incidents. Deployed worldwide, CyberMDX is designed to integrate with our customers’ existing environments through its scalable, easy-to-deploy and agentless solution.

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