Diabetes Diet: Which flour rotis should be eaten in diabetes? Learn 8 healthy options to control blood sugar level

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Flour For Diabetes: Flours with high glycemic index can increase the blood sugar level, so which flour is good for diabetes? Here are some healthy options to include in your diabetes diet.

Healthy Flour For Diabetics: Delicious things like biscuits, muffins, cookies and bread are made from flour. Although these flours have a high glycemic index, which causes an increase in blood sugar levels, so which flour is good for diabetes? If you are a diabetic patient, then amaranth and ragi flour are considered good for you. The amount of carbohydrates in these flours is less. People with diabetes can consume this flour to keep the blood sugar level normal. There are many low glycemic index flours like almond flour, ragi flour, barley flour, gram flour and oats flour which diabetic patients can include in their diet.

Best flour for diabetics | Best Flour For Diabetics

1) Almond flour

Almond flour obtained from finely ground almonds has a low glycemic index. It contains low carbohydrate and more protein and fiber. It also provides healthy fats which are good for your heart. It is nutritious and light, making it a great alternative to regular flour when making cookies, breads and biscuits. However, you must remember that being gluten-free, it imparts a tough texture to foods. One cup of almond flour can replace one cup of regular flour.

2) ragi flour

Ragi flour is gluten free. It is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, which helps in strengthening bones. Ragi flour also contains fiber, which keeps you full for a long time. Helps you lose weight and control your blood sugar. It also helps in reducing inflammation which is sometimes seen in diabetes. Ragi roti can be replaced with regular flour.

3) amaranth flour

Cholai flour is a non-gluten flour which is rich in fibre. This helps a person to feel full for a longer period of time. Fiber also helps in controlling blood sugar. Amaranth lowers the hunger hormone ghrelin, which helps in weight loss by reducing food intake. It is considered very good for persons with diabetes.

4) Barley flour

Barley flour is made from dried and ground barley. It is believed to increase gut hormones, increase metabolism, thereby helping in weight loss. It also reduces inflammation which mostly accompanies diabetes. Barley is also rich in fiber, which helps control blood sugar.

5) Gram flour

Gram flour which is also known as gram flour. It is considered gluten free and is rich in plant based fibre. It slows down the absorption of blood sugar level by lowering cholesterol. Chickpea flour mixed with chocolate can be used for bread, pizza and even sweets. Normal flour can be replaced with chickpea flour.

6) Oat flour

Oats flour can be made by blending oats in a food processor or mixer. It is also gluten free and rich in fiber. Oats flour also contains a special type of fiber called beta glucan which helps in reducing blood sugar.

7) Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour has a lower GI as compared to the glycemic index of oats flour. That’s why you can think about taking buckwheat flour over oats flour. This flour is gluten free. It adds a distinct texture to your foods.

8) Soya flour

Soya flour is considered a healthy flour substitute for people with diabetes. This flour contains high protein. It also improves texture through lipid oxidation.

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