Do not consume these 5 fruits even by mistake in diabetes, your sugar level will increase rapidly

While choosing fruits, diabetic patients should keep in mind that how much fiber is there in it.

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Diet control is necessary for diabetes. Actually, in diabetes, anything that is not even sweet and has a high carbohydrate content can cause a sugar spike. In such a situation, if we talk about fruits, there are some fruits that can increase the sugar by eating them unknowingly. Actually, fruits that contain easily digestible fiber and contain sugar, can imbalance diabetes. How do you know?

Which fruit should not be eaten for diabetes?
1. Banana
Banana diabetes patients should avoid eating. This is because bananas contain easily digestible fiber along with simple carbs. Due to this, it easily increases the sugar spike and this causes an imbalance of diabetes.

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2. Grapes
Grapes should be avoided in diabetes. Its natural sugar also increases the rapid sugar spike in the body and it imbalances diabetes. Apart from this, its sugar easily gets mixed in the blood and can increase the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Orange
Although orange is a fruit rich in vitamin C, its consumption in diabetes can sometimes increase the sugar rapidly. Therefore, even if you are eating oranges with diabetes, then choose green oranges whose juice is sour but, it should not be too sweet.

Pineapple can rapidly increase the sugar spike in diabetes. Eating it can increase the symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination and sudden loss of appetite. Also, your body may find it difficult to digest sugar, which can increase fasting sugar.

5. Chiku
Chikoo is a very sweet fruit that should be avoided by diabetic patients. This causes sugar spikes and increases the problem for diabetic patients. That’s why you should avoid consuming these fruits for diabetes. Instead, you should eat fruits like pomegranate, papaya, and guava.

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