Dry Fruits Benefits: Cashews..almonds..pistachios..raisins, many advantages and disadvantages of eating ‘dry fruits’ in winter, know

Nutrient-rich dry fruits have many health benefits, such as developing the ability to fight infection, boosting immunity and strengthening the digestive system.

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Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits Health Benefits: Dry fruits are very beneficial for health. Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, dates, walnuts, pistachios etc. are rich in nutrients. Dry fruits are also eaten dry and they are also used in various delicious dishes. Usually they are consumed more in the winter season. Because they help keep you warm. Apart from this, they also provide immunity against frequent diseases in winter and also work to keep the immune system strong. Dry fruits provide energy, protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients to your body.

Because of all these benefits, many nuts are called dry fruits. If you want to lose weight, then include a small portion of dry fruits in your diet. Because it is a better option than fried food. Nutrient-rich dry fruits have many health benefits, such as developing the ability to fight infection, boosting immunity and strengthening the digestive system. You can get these easily anywhere. You can eat them raw as well and enjoy it by including it in food. However, keep in mind that eating too many dry fruits can also cause digestive problems, weight gain and other physical problems.

1. Raisins

Raisins are dry fruits rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It is helpful in keeping the digestion process right. It contains fiber, which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. Since raisins are naturally sweet, they are also high in calories. Iron, calcium and boron are also found in sufficient quantity in it, which is helpful in keeping bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis. Iron also encourages the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia. These include antioxidant properties, which help protect against conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

2. Dried Dates

Dates are a superfood found in most of the households in India. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and other essential nutrients are found in dates. All these nutrients work to keep you healthy. Dates are also consumed raw and it is also used in sweets. Polyphenols found in dry dates can help control diabetes and prevent cancer. Apart from this, they are also helpful in detoxing the body and reducing inflammation. It can also remove the problems related to digestion.

3. Pistachios

Pistachios have potassium, healthy fat, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are helpful in keeping your heart healthy. Pistachios are also very beneficial for gut health due to their ability to increase beneficial gut flora. Pistachios also aid in weight loss, as their high protein and fiber quality keeps you satiated for long. However, it also contains sodium, so it should be consumed in moderation. Consuming more salt can prove to be harmful to your health.

4. Cashew

Cashew is also a nutritious fruit like other nuts. It is rich in magnesium, copper and manganese, which work to maintain brain function, bone health and the immune system. It also has antioxidant properties, which help protect against disease. Cashews are effective for increasing good cholesterol and benefiting heart health by reducing blood pressure. They are also a good source of energy. However, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of salt and oil in raw cashews is high, which can be reduced by roasting them.

5. Almonds

It is known to all that almonds help in increasing memory. Consuming them in the morning after soaking them overnight gives many health benefits. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, which is helpful in sharpening the memory of elderly people. It also reduces the risk of developing dementia. Magnesium is also found in abundance in almonds, which can help in controlling your blood sugar level. It also contains fiber, healthy fat and protein. There are 162 calories in a quarter cup (23 almonds).

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