Eat basil seeds with paan: Immunity will be boosted, digestion will be improved, inflammation of gums, relief from cold and flu, relief from headache 4

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Basil Seeds

There are many benefits of eating betel leaves, but it is beneficial to consume it with basil seeds and not with catechu and lime. Is.

Betel leaves are astringent, but they are no less than a medicine for health. A betel leaf is the medicine for many diseases. Most of the betel lovers like to eat things like lime, betel nut, catechu mixed with betel leaves. But have you ever eaten betel leaves with basil seeds. Yes, eating betel leaves mixed with catechu and lime may not be beneficial for health, but eating betel leaves with basil seeds can prove to be very beneficial.

Ayurvedacharya of Delhi’s Panchkarma Hospital Dr. P. Parashar believes that eating betel leaves and basil seeds together keeps the digestion system healthy. Along with this, relief can also be given from the problems caused by gums and teeth. Apart from this, it can provide relief from many problems.

Benefits of betel leaves and basil seeds

Swelling in gums, bad breath can be removed by betel leaves. Apart from this, it can remove many problems. Let’s know about it-

Oral health- Betel leaves have the property of reducing the bad odor of the mouth. Actually, the element present in it can play an important role in reducing the effect of bacteria, due to which the bad smell coming from the mouth can be reduced. If there is a problem of bad smell or bleeding from the mouth, then chew basil leaves with betel leaves for 1 month. If you want, you can also add cloves and cardamom to it. This will remove the odor of the mouth.

Boost Immunity- Betel leaves and basil seeds can be effective in boosting immunity. The anti-oxidants present in it strengthen the immunity power. Many common diseases can be cured by this. Betel leaves can improve physical ability. This can improve sperm count and quality. If you are feeling physically weak, then include betel leaves and basil seeds in your daily diet.

Relief in cold and cough- Eating betel leaves and basil seeds together can reduce the problem of cold and cold. Actually, betel leaf reduces headache. Also, the properties present in basil seeds provide relief from sore throat and phlegm, which can make you feel very relaxed.

Improve digestion- Eating basil seeds along with betel leaves strengthens the digestion system. Actually, eating basil seeds with paan can prove to be helpful in keeping your salivary gland active. This gland works to break food into small pieces, which can relieve constipation, indigestion and gas problems. Apart from this, it is helpful in getting rid of gastric ulcer.

get rid of gingivitis

Betel leaves and basil seeds can be effective in reducing gum inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it can reduce swelling and lumps. If you have swollen gums, chew betel leaves with basil seeds daily. Betel leaves and basil seeds can cure many health related problems. You will get a lot of benefits by consuming it, but keep in mind that if you already have any kind of problem, then take it after consulting an expert.

Consuming betel leaves and basil seeds together gives many amazing benefits to the body. Let’s know about its benefits.

get relief from constipation

Consuming basil seeds with betel leaves strengthens the digestive system and reduces stomach discomfort. Consuming basil seeds with betel leaves helps to end the problem of gas and constipation.

relieve headache

If you are struggling with the problem of headache, then betel leaves will be beneficial for you. Eating betel leaves mixed with honey and basil seeds provides relief in headache.

consume like this

To consume it, chew betel leaves with basil seeds daily or soak basil seeds in water and grind betel leaves and soak them in water for at least two to three hours and two- Drink this water after three hours. It can remove many health related problems.

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