Eat jaggery in these 5 ways to reap its health benefits in winter

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Jaggery or gud is a winter staple in many Indian households. For some, it is like an after-meal indulgence, and for some, a replacement for sugar-laden sweets. Either way, jaggery is a storehouse of health benefits. An amazing source of beneficial minerals like iron, vitamin C, protein, iron, potassium, and magnesium, it also helps to keep acidity and bad breath at bay. There are a lot of people who eat jaggery directly, but there are different ways to add jaggery to your diet.

Different ways to eat jaggery for maximum health benefits

1. Jaggery milk

If you mix some amount of jaggery in your glass or cup of milk daily, it will aid in improving your immunity. Having jaggery milk will alleviate stomach pain or cramping during periods and will also boost your digestive system.

2. Gud and dal

It’s a common misconception that the use of jaggery is only restricted to being involved in sweet dishes. It can also be used in a dal preparation to accentuate its flavour. “You can go ahead and add amchur (mango power) and red chili to balance out the flavour along with salt so that your food doesn’t taste excessively sweet. It leaves an excellent flavour and aroma to your dish. Adding a few drops of lemon is also reckoned for better absorption of iron in the body.” It is a very convenient method to add iron to your diet, particularly for people suffering from anemia who do not have a dominant sweet tooth. Jaggery is mostly added in dal in several Indian households.

3. Gud Halwa

Gud can serve as the best replacement for sugar in traditional halwa. Not just because it gives a boost of iron to your food, but it also adds a nice mild flavour to halwa. Potato halwa tastes good with jaggery, and potatoes are also rich in minerals. But, you must be careful with its quantity as it needs a good amount of ghee. You can add a variety of dry fruits such as pista, almonds, and raisins to jaggery halwa.

4. Jaggery water

Avni Kaul shares, “Jaggery can be taken very seamlessly by mixing crushed jaggery in hot water. It is very useful for healthy bowel movement, hence it must be ideally consumed empty stomach in the morning. It is also a food detoxifier for the lungs and gut.

5. Gud til laddoo

Gud can be melted along with a little quantity of ghee and then til (white sesame seeds) can be mixed into it this mixture needs to be made into laddoo, while it’s hot otherwise there is a risk of it turning hard. Til is also quite nutritious, it enhances your immunity, and it is very good for people with high blood pressure.

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