Economy Linen Service Obtained Hygienically Clean Healthcare Renewal for Zanesville, OH Facility

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Economy Linen and Towel Service’s Zanesville, Ohio laundry has accomplished Hygienically Clean Healthcare recertification. This renewal recognizes the Dayton, Ohio-based company’s dedication to Best Management Practices (BMPs) in laundry, as shown by on-site inspections, and their ability to manufacture hygienically clean textiles, as measured by ongoing microbial tests.

The Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification attests to the company’s ongoing commitment to infection control, adherence to recognized industry standards, and the manufacturing of healthcare textiles using BMPs as defined in its quality assurance documentation, which is the focus of Hygienically Clean inspectors’ scrutiny.

Hygienically Clean Healthcare accredited, Economy Linen’s Dayton laundry is also available. The corporation is a recognized regional industry leader in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, with these two manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis. Economy Linen’s contribution to combining the state-of-the-art facilities and resources required of a national firm with the personal support, dignity, and value of a family-owned enterprise is well-known among medical customers.

To monitor and maintain their inventory, clients are given access to proprietary applications. Every month, company representatives meet with them to review their cloth use, allowing them to customize and develop their medical linen programmes.

Laundries must first undergo an examination as well as three rounds of outcome-based microbial tests to be certified, showing that their operations are delivering Hygienically Clean Healthcare textiles with low levels of yeast, mould, and toxic bacteria.

They must also undergo an assessment of the facility. To keep their license, they must pass quarterly tests to ensure that laundered product consistency is sustained as laundry conditions change, such as water quality, garment fabric composition, and wash chemistry. Every two to three years, a re-inspection is performed.

By relying on outcomes and results, this procedure avoids subjectivity and ensures that textiles washed in these facilities follow hygienically safe requirements and BMPs for hospitals, surgical centres, dental offices, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

Through checking quality management practices in laundry, dress, and facility services activities relating to the processing of textiles containing blood and other highly contagious products, the Hygienically Clean Healthcare credential recognizes laundries’ efficacy in protecting healthcare operations.

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