Essence SmartCare to Showcase Advanced Aging-In-Place and Remote Healthcare Solutions at Silver Economy Expo 2022 in Paris

Connected Care Leader to Demonstrate Fall Detection and Mobile Safety Innovations

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Essence SmartCare, a leader in IoT-based advanced remote care and monitoring solutions, part of Essence Group, today announced that it will demonstrate its range of aging-in-place and connected health solutions at the Sliver Economy Expo in Paris, France.

Our increased presence in France is helping to provide seniors and vulnerable individuals across the country access to advanced telecare services that can significantly improve their lives and overall feeling of safety,” said Barak Katz, General Manager of Essence SmartCare. “Our range of next-generation remote care and wellness solutions are specifically designed to provide peace of mind to our users and their families while allowing them to continue living their lives independently and with dignity.”

The platform continuously learns and adapts to the daily behavior of individuals to identify significant deviation from daily routines. It provides real-time alerts to enable timely interventions that can potentially prevent deterioration in a person’s wellbeing. The LTE-enabled platform includes MDsense, the first multi-dimensional fall detection solution. The non-wearable, wireless solution provides round-the-clock monitoring, allowing caregivers to respond to events faster by eliminating the risk of missed falls or false alerts.

Umbrella mPERS is the world’s first Cat-M-enabled mobile personal emergency response system. The ultra-small and discreet device is suitable for a variety of personal healthcare, safety and wellness settings, including senior care and vulnerable individuals. It includes built-in fall detection, real-time activity monitoring, two-way voice capabilities, and panic detection to alert guardians and caregivers in case of emergency.

VitalOn is an award-winning remote monitoring and chronic disease management platform, combining telecare, telehealth and wellness capabilities into a single, easy-to-use platform that enables seniors to monitor their vital signs and connects them directly to their care providers. It provides round-the-clock monitoring for a wide range of aging-related issues and chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure.

“Essence continues to develop market-leading solutions that substantially improve the provision of care for those who need it most,” said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of Essence Group. “We are excited to join the Silver Economy Expo and demonstrate how our technology provides enhanced care, safety and assurance for those who need it most.

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