Fairfax County Health Department Won’t Schedule Stage Two Vaccine Appointments

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The Fairfax County Health Department will stop accepting registrations for the COVID-19 vaccine after eligibility opens to the overall adult population on Sunday.

According to a blog article printed earlier this day, county residents will rather be led at Vaccine Finder to discover approved suppliers, for example, county health departments, hospitals, and private clinics.

The county states that its present registration system let it prioritize residents dependent on the Virginia Department of Health’s established eligibility classes, but this may no longer be mandatory when appointments are available to the general populace in Stage 2 and the local health department no longer supplies the key community vaccination websites.

“In Stage 2, the bigger pool of neighborhood vaccination sites lets us change to the new procedure, that will allow increased flexibility and decision of where taxpayers get their vaccine,” that the FCHD states.

Made by Boston Children’s Hospital together with assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Digital Service, Vaccine Finder enables users to find pharmacies, clinics, and other websites which are supplying COVID-19 vaccinations, but it doesn’t offer appointment scheduling, that has to be accomplished through the respective supplier.

Fairfax County Health Department spokesperson Jeremy Lasich informs Tysons Reporter the county will continue to be responsible for dispersing vaccine equipment to its own partners, and it’ll schedule appointments for people remaining on its own waitlist, which includes approximately 23,000 individuals left as of 8:30 p.m.

On the other hand, the county’s registration program is going to be retired once everybody on the waitlist was granted an appointment.

“We shall continue to handle registrations for people that are now on our waitlist for another week or 2 after April 18 till they’ve received appointments and also our waitlist reaches 0,” Lasich explained. “We shall also still be able vaccination clinics for those that register in one of our places around VaccineFinder, but…we won’t handle those registrations.”

Due to the requirement to complete vaccinating everybody on the waitlist, the health section notes that its practices and a number of its partners might not be recorded on Vaccine Finder until late April or early May.

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