Fatty Liver Diet: Do not eat these 4 things in the diet, then you will be saved from fatty liver

Fatty Liver Diet The consumption of rich and oily food increases during the winter season. Food is also eaten more in this season as compared to other days. That's why adopt restraint in food so that fat does not accumulate in the liver.

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Fatty Liver Diet

Eating more in winter than in other seasons. These days, foods like paratha, puri and laddoos made of ghee are consumed a lot. High greasy food affects the digestive system. Liver plays an important role in the digestion of food. Liver is a sensitive organ associated with the digestive system and any side effect on it affects the digestive process.

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Consuming a nutritious and balanced diet keeps the health of the liver healthy, while excessive oily food leads to accumulation of fat in the liver. The accumulation of fat affects the functioning of the liver and increases the risk of other infections. This makes the digestive system inactive and causes many other physical problems. To keep the body warm in winter, people start consuming alcohol or if they are fond of alcohol, then they consume more. Liver health is affected very quickly by alcohol. That’s why a lot of restraint is required in catering.

There are two types of fatty liver

There are two types of fatty liver problems. In this, people who consume more fast food and oily, spicy food, they have non-alcoholic and those who consume more alcohol, they have alcoholic fatty liver problem. Fatty liver is an early sign of infection. If timely treatment and diet is controlled, the liver can be saved from becoming fatty.

Ignoring it further causes liver fibrosis. In this, inflammation and fibrous structure of fat starts forming in the liver, which is due to the accumulation of excess fat. In this condition the liver starts to become inactive and causes many other diseases.

How to avoid fatty liver?

  • eat buttermilk
  • Make green vegetables and seasonal fruits a part of the diet.
  • exercise regularly
  • control weight

What are the symptoms of fatty liver?

  • right side upper abdomen pain
  • feeling weak
  • have indigestion
  • abdominal bloating
  • loss of appetite
  • be lazy
  • feeling nauseous

avoid consuming them

  • don’t drink alcohol
  • junk food, fast food
  • Avoid consuming oily and spicy food

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