Fingers Swelling in Winter: Fingers are getting stiff or turning red in winter? So don’t take it lightly

Fingers Swelling in Winter: Taking the problem of hands and feet lightly in the harsh winter can cost you a lot. For this it is necessary that you exercise regularly.

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Fingers Swelling in Winter: Most of the stiffness is seen in the body during cold days. But we protect the body from cold by wearing a sweater, but if we live in the open, then only our hands and feet, whether to do housework or office work, our fingers remain busy throughout the day. That is why the fingers and toes of many people turn red during winters, along with stiffness also starts. This problem increases so much that even working with fingers becomes difficult. Today we will tell you in this article how you can get rid of this problem.

take cold fingers seriously

In the harsh winter, taking the problem of hands and feet lightly can be a burden for you. For this it is necessary that you exercise regularly. Walking in winter is very beneficial. Along with this, include outdoor games in your daily routine. By doing the activity of playing daily, the blood circulation in the body remains correct, as well as you can get rid of the problem of swelling in the fingers. Try to expose your body to sunlight for about 1 hour in the cold. Sunbathing is very beneficial for your body. If itching is severe along with swelling in the fingers and there are wounds on scratching, then immediately see the doctor, the problem may increase if the wound increases. That’s why you must consult a doctor in time. 

Including these things in the routine will give relief

If there is stiffness and swelling in the fingers, then absolutely avoid working in cold water. Actually, when you wash dishes or clothes in cold water, cold water can harm your skin at that time. For this, it is necessary that after completing the work, apply oil or cream on the hands and feet and moisturize them. Also, wear socks on your feet. If the fingers are swollen, do not work in cold water. Keep the water lukewarm. If the fingers are swollen, then adding salt to hot water and fomenting it also gives a lot of relief. The direct relation of swelling is that there is no proper flow of blood to all the parts of the body. That’s why keep in mind that keep taking juice or other types of liquid in this season.

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