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Founder of Livongo Launches Health Navigation Startup

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Both were previous shareholders in Livongo, also Tullman remains a managing partner at 7wire. “We began Transparent to make it much easier for individuals to remain healthier and enable companies to enable their workers and their families together with unbiased advice, reliable advice, and access to a wider selection of alternatives, which will result in higher quality and less expensive care,” Tullman said in a news release.

BridgeHealth has over 1 million insured members and contracts with over 160 operation facilities and Centers of Excellence. Considering that the bargain with Teladoc closed, other former Livongo executives also have moved into new jobs. Following his electronic wellness startup Livongo marketed to Teladoc for $18.5 billion, Glen Tullman has discovered his second venture. He is directing a wellness navigation startup named Transparent, which sets itself apart from its peers with striking risk-based agreements with companies.

Comparable to additional navigation solutions, workers can speak with a medical guide, or establish a video conversation with a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. They could ask for second opinions, a drug review, virtual physical treatment, and operation management solutions. While workers still have the selection of the customary wellness network, they’ll also have the ability to share in the economies by their conclusions, Tullman said.

Meanwhile, the consolidation among electronic health firms continues to ramp up since they want to encompass a larger variety of healthcare services. Grand Rounds, which also provides patient navigation solutions and instant opinions, lately struck a merger with Doctor on-demand, enabling it to incorporate its stage with virtual main care services.

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