Glassbeam Signs Phantom Healthcare, Growing International Presence in Data Analytics for Medical Equipment

Partnership to help Phantom Healthcare increase uptime for all MRI and CT scanners, avoid costly service delays

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Glassbeam, Inc., a pioneer in data and predictive analytics for connected medical machines,  announced it has signed on Phantom Healthcare, the leading marketer, refurbisher, and re-assemblers of pre-owned MRI and CT scanners in India, as its newest customer. This deal marks the expansion of international partners for beyond current US installations.

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As part of the Glassbeam implementation, Phantom Healthcare will utilize service analytics in MRI machines at 100 sites across India. The partnership with will enable Phantom to support customers with high-quality modalities at lower costs and significantly higher uptime.

“Glassbeam solves the most pressing issue for Phantom by reducing support costs and increasing device uptime,” said Brijesh Suneja, Managing Director at Phantom Healthcare. “The ability to remotely monitor devices in real-time, go beyond logs into environmental monitoring, ease of deployment, and remote access to devices across modalities and OEMs will make a huge difference for Phantom. rose above competitors by enabling Phantom engineers to avoid unnecessary travel through remote management, monitoring and proactive troubleshooting.”

“One of the biggest challenges that healthcare facilities face is the amount of time and expense in managing modalities to serve patients. Glassbeam’s proprietary technology will enable Phantom to provide higher-level services at a lower cost to its customers and increase their bottom line,” said Roshan Mandanna, Head of Market Development, APAC at . “We are proud to support Phantom as part of continued expansion and international growth to transform and analyze multi-structured data to deliver enhanced machine uptime and maximum utilization across healthcare organizations.”

Glassbeam Appoints Eric Milledge as Chairman

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Glassbeam uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning to monitor medical devices, including MRI, CT scanners and other imaging equipment, in real-time to anticipate needed repairs and maximize uptime. Its ease of deployment and remote access option ensures operational efficiency while helping patients receive much-needed care, avoiding unnecessary delays.

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