Hari matar side effects: These people should not consume too much of green peas, they will have to give

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Hari matar side effects

Hari matar side effects Green peas are used in winters from vegetable to puri parathas, but do you know that consuming too much peas can also harm health in many ways. Know about it here.

Hari matar side effects:  Green peas are a favorite of most people. It is used in many dishes from vegetable to chole, puri, paratha. We are well aware of the benefits of green peas which are great in taste, but do you know about the damage caused by it? If not… then let us tell you that people who are suffering from problems like acidity, bloating, gas should consume it in limited quantity otherwise it may increase the problem.

disadvantages of green peas


Consumption of green peas can be harmful for people who are troubled by the problem of acidity. Because it does not digest quickly. And because of this, there is burning sensation in the chest and sour belching.

kidney problems

Even if you are troubled by any kidney problem, do not consume green peas because it contains protein, due to which there is a problem in kidney function. Consume it in limited quantity only.

fat gain

If you are trying to lose weight, then exclude green peas from your diet because it contains protein and carbohydrate content which increases fat.

high uric acid

Even if your uric acid is high, you should not consume green peas. It contains a good amount of protein, amino acids, vitamin D and fiber which can trigger uric acid.

stomach enlargement

Eating too many green peas can cause flatulence. Because it contains anti-nutrient elements phytic acid and lectins. Which is harmful for those who are struggling with digestion problems. It does not harm healthy people. 

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