Health Alert: If there is pain in these parts of the body, then understand that you have got cold, get relief from it

Health Alert At present it is getting cold in North India. Your slight carelessness can become the cause of headache and body ache along with cold and flu. But pain in some other parts of the body is also a sign of cold.

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If you are negligent in wearing clothes in extreme cold, then you may get cold, you all must know this. Because of which runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing keep coming for some time, which is normal. We try to fix them by ourselves or by home remedies. But due to cold, some other types of problems start in the body, about which you should know. Although this is not a very serious problem, but still you should know so that you can understand it in time and get proper treatment.

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signs of cold 


If you are having headache problem in winter season. So it could be due to cold. Washing the head with cold water in the morning in winter, going out without covering the head very early in the morning… Because of these, one gets cold due to which there is severe headache. So to avoid this keep your head covered in the cold.

Chest pain

One of the most common symptoms of cold and flu is chest pain. Due to cold and cough, phlegm accumulates in the chest, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Because of this, pain is felt in the chest. The most effective way to get relief from this problem is to consume hot water, tea as well as soup.

Joint pain

Due to the drop in temperature in winter, the blood vessels of the joints shrink. Due to which there is stiffness and pain in the joints. This pain is such that it is difficult to avoid it. So to get relief from this, massage hot oil on the joints. Keep wearing a knee cap and keep doing light exercises. Wear woolen clothes to provide warmth to the joints.

back ache

There can be a problem of stiffness in the muscles in cold weather. Due to cold, there can be a problem of back pain along with fever, body pain, and joint pain. If it makes getting up and sitting difficult, see a doctor. Apart from this, take hot compress and exercise. 

Throat pain

Due to exposure to wind in the winter season, not only do cold and fever occur, but there is severe pain in the throat as well. Sometimes the sound also stops coming out. So avoid eating cold things for this. Keep the neck covered along with the head

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