Health Tips: Problems like joint pain and urine leakage will not trouble you in old age, when you keep these things in mind

Health Tips Joint pain in old age The problem of urinary incontinence can trouble anyone, but if you want to avoid them, then start preparing for it from now. Will remain fit even in old age.

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 With ageing, it is natural to have minor problems in health and work, but by adopting a little awareness, the speed of this process can be slowed down to a great extent. With increasing age, the functionality of most of the body parts starts decreasing, for which people consume medicines. Due to which digestion starts deteriorating many times, and sometimes obesity starts increasing . So to stay away from these problems, what other options can be there apart from medicines, will know about it. 

1. Osteoporosis and Arthritis

With increasing age, the leakage of calcium from the bones starts because the blood also needs calcium for physical activities, but with aging, when the level of calcium in the blood starts decreasing, then the bones take blood to compensate for this deficiency. starts sending calcium to the cells and because of this they become so weak that they break even with a minor injury. Such a physical condition is called osteoporosis . Although this problem can happen to anyone, but after menopause, there is a deficiency of calcium in the body of women and due to this there is pain in their hands, feet and back. Similarly, the gel-like sticky substance present between the joints provides protection to them, but with age it starts drying up. Due to this, pain in the joints, difficulty in getting up and sitting and the sound of cracking of bones is heard while walking.

What to do

Increase the amount of calcium-rich foods in your diet, especially milk products like milk, yogurt and cheese. If you see any symptoms, consult a doctor without delay.

2. BPH

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a physiological condition in which the prostate gland of some elderly men starts increasing in size. This increases the pressure on their urinary system and they feel the need to go to the toilet again and again. Pain at the time of urine discharge and blood coming with urine are the main symptoms of this problem.

What to do

Since it is a problem related to increasing age, there is no way to prevent it beforehand. Yes, as soon as any symptoms appear, a doctor should be consulted without delay. In the early stages, it can be controlled through medicines. If the problem increases more then its treatment is possible by laser technique.

3. Urinary incontinence

With age, the muscles of the female urinary tract become loose. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for them to bear the pressure of urine, hence frequent going to the toilet or discharge of urine while going to the washroom or while sneezing and coughing are its main symptoms.

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