Health Tips: There are many disadvantages of sleeping by covering your face in winter, change your habit today itself

For the past few days, the havoc of cold is increasing. People are taking different measures to avoid cold. At the same time, there are some people who like to sleep with their mouth covered. If you are also included in these people, then know its disadvantages too.

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As the month of December is passing, the outbreak of cold is also increasing. These days, havoc of winter is being seen in many parts of the country including Delhi. Cold wave and dense fog have increased everyone’s problems. Half of the country has started freezing due to this severe cold. In such a situation, everyone likes to stay in the blanket. People try to protect themselves from the cold with the help of blankets while sleeping at night after wearing warm clothes throughout the day. At the same time, there are many people who sleep by covering their face with a blanket to avoid the cold. But doing so is very harmful for your health. If you are also a victim of this habit, then definitely know about the damage caused by it.


blood circulation is affected

If you sleep with your mouth covered in winter, it affects your blood circulation. Actually, by sleeping in this way, you do not get fresh oxygen, due to which you repeatedly use the oxygen present inside the blanket. After some time there is a lack of oxygen in the blanket, due to which impure air starts going into our breath. Because of this, blood circulation is not done properly to all the parts of our body.

Bad effect on lungs

Sleeping with the whole body covered at night affects your lungs the most. Due to sleeping like this daily, the work of gas exchange in the lungs is not done properly, due to which they start shrinking. In such a situation, you may have complaints of asthma, lethargy, dementia, headache etc. If you are already an asthma patient, then doing this can prove to be dangerous for you.

sleep may be disturbed

Sleeping with your mouth covered often leads to suffocation. Actually, most people use incense sticks or liquid coils to repel mosquitoes. Because of this, the smoke spreads in the whole room and due to the closure of the windows and doors in the cold time, ventilation is not done properly. In such a situation, you start feeling suffocated, which can disturb your sleep.

skin allergy risk

By sleeping with your mouth covered, you do not get pure air, due to which dust particles increase around. Because of this, the skin starts getting affected, due to which you start getting rashes. In such a situation, the possibility of skin allergy also increases by sleeping regularly by covering the mouth.

Epilepsy patients be careful

By sleeping with our mouth covered, we do not get enough oxygen. In such a situation, lack of oxygen causes problems to the normal person, but it can be very dangerous for an epileptic patient. Sleeping with mouth covered increases the problems of epileptic patients.

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