Health Tips: What to eat when you are sick and what things to stay away from, it is important to know this to stay healthy

Health: The risk of diseases increases in the winter season. In such a situation, it is important to know what to eat and what not to eat, so that there is no harm to the health. Let's know what health experts say.

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Winter Health Diet: The risk of diseases increases in the winter season. Cold-cough, cold and fever become common. There is a lot of change in food and drink in cold weather. But very few people know about what to eat and what not to eat when we are sick. If you want to recover quickly from the disease, then it is very important for you to know what to eat and what to stay away from. Let’s know.

What to eat when sick

Herbal tea
When the temperature falls, cold and flu become common. Some people are also troubled by the problem of phlegm, in such a situation drinking herbal tea can be very beneficial. Taking its steam is also beneficial for health.

Mixing turmeric in hot water or milk and drinking it also gives instant relief in many diseases. The elements with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties present in turmeric relieve many diseases,

Special care should be taken of children in the winter season. In such a situation, consumption of honey is beneficial. Anti microbial is found in plenty in it. It gives instant relief to children in problems like cough, cold.

Citrus fruits
Vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus fruits. Consuming fruits like lemon, orange, grapes strengthens immunity and provides relief in diseases. It should be included in your diet.

Reports of many research done in the past have shown that the use of ginger is very beneficial in problems like nausea or vomiting. In this case, ginger should be used in hot water or tea. If you use small pieces of ginger after roasting it, then you can add some honey to it.

Coconut water
Many types of problems can increase even if there is swelling in the skin inside the stomach. In such a situation, coconut water is considered like a panacea. It hydrates the body fast while also reducing inflammation.

what to avoid when sick
One should stay away from things like alcohol, dairy products, otherwise the risk of diseases can also increase rapidly.

Avoid using oily spices.
Stay away from chili, otherwise problems may increase.
Minimize the intake of sugar.

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