Heart attack will not come by getting health check-up done before joining gym? doctor cleared the confusion

Can Gym Cause Heart Attack: The cases of death due to heart attack are increasing rapidly. People are getting heart attacks even while working out in fitness gym. In such a situation, the doctor told how accidents during exercise can be avoided.

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The cases of death due to heart attack are increasing rapidly since the pandemic of Kovid-19 . It is clear from this that no part of the body has remained untouched by the effect of this virus. Following the advice of experts to eat healthy and do regular exercise to increase immunity and build health after Corona, some people also joined the gym. But for the past few months, one after the other, Heart  sudden deaths in gyms have raised many questions about exercise. one of these questions

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Get a health checkup done before starting the gym, if

On whether a health checkup should be done before joining the gym or not, says Dr. Rajeev Dang, Senior Director and HOD- Internal Medicine and Medical Director, Max Hospital Gurugram , that it is needed when there is excessive exercise and drugs or supplements. are planning to take

One should know the capacity of the body before going to the gym.

Dr. Dang says that before making any plan related to exercise, you should know your body’s capacity. I say this because I have seen many cases of renal dysfunction in young boys taking the supplement.

Agreeing on this , Dr. Brahm Dutt Pathak, Director of General Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, says Heart that health checkup definitely tells us about the basic internal environment of the body, which makes it easier to choose the type of exercise. it occurs.

Get this test done before starting gym

Dr. Dang explains that before starting the gym, it can be beneficial for you to have a cardiac and pulmonary profile test including vital pulse, blood pressure, SPO2, blood sugar and other body parts such as CBC, renal function and liver function.Apart from this, blood tests like hemoglobin, lipid profile, thyroid profile, ECG should be done.

​Inform the trainer about your medical condition

Dr Viral Patel, Consultant Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, says , “If a person has back pain or any problem related to the spine, they should get a screening done so that the gym trainer knows what kind of exercises are suitable for you.” Will be beneficial Heart . Apart from this, if you have any medical history, then definitely tell your trainer.

Know both the advantages and disadvantages of workout

Experts say that workout is more related to respiratory fitness, muscle toning, strength, mental balance than weight loss and weight gain. In such a situation, if you do wrong or excessive workouts, then instead of benefits, they also start harming.

These workout habits are unhealthy

If you are working out all week in order to become a fitness freak, then it might be too much for your body. Also don’t skip warming up. As important as working out is, it is equally important to give proper rest to the body before and after the workout. Instead of blindly following any trend, it is better to choose a workout according to your Heart ability.

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