Herbal Tea: These 4 herbal teas will keep you healthy in winter season

Herbal Tea Benefits Consumption of herbal tea in winter season is considered very beneficial for health. By consuming these, you can avoid the trouble of seasonal flu. Let's tell about these herbal teas...

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The winter season is considered better in terms of eating and drinking tea but it brings with it many diseases. That’s why special care has to be taken of health in this season. To keep yourself healthy this season, apart from healthy foods in the diet, you can also consume these herbal teas. Which can save you from the risk of viral infection.

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Herbal Tea Benefits: 8 ways herbal tea benefits your health

1. Ginger tea

Ginger has anti-oxidant properties, which help in improving immunity. You can drink ginger tea in winters. Due to which the problem of sore throat, cold-cough etc. can be removed. To make it, take water in a bowl, add grated ginger to it, then wash and add basil leaves. Let it boil for some time. Then filter it, when it becomes lukewarm, you can drink it.

Licorice tea

Liquorice has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which is helpful in protecting against seasonal diseases. Mulethi te is effective in providing relief from cold and flu. To make it, boil water in a pan, add licorice and black pepper powder to it. Boil it well, then filter it and consume it. It is helpful in providing relief from cold and flu and many other problems.

3. Mint tea 

Mint is full of medicinal properties. The anti-viral properties present in it are helpful in getting rid of many diseases. Its use strengthens your immunity. To make it, take water in a pan. Add washed mint leaves and black pepper to it. Let it boil for some time, then filter it. You can drink it when it is lukewarm.

4. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is considered very beneficial for health. The anti-oxidant properties present in it are effective in protecting against many diseases. To make it, take water in a pan, add a tespoon of turmeric to it and boil it well. Add lemon juice to it. When it becomes lukewarm, it can be filtered and drunk.

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