Home Care Companies could see Significant Gains with Fitness-Focused Partnerships

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The benefits of daily physical exercise for seniors have been well established. Fitness and health products are expected to produce a solid return on investment for home-based care providers looking to extend their options and distinguish their products.

SilverSneakers, for one, has firsthand experience in how exercise can improve senior health outcomes.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee SilverSneakers is senior-focused wellness and social involvement initiative that takes place in the neighborhood. In 30 states throughout the United States, the organization has a large gym network as well as neighborhood partners.

According to a survey undertaken by health care research company Avalere Health, seniors who enroll in the SilverSneakers initiative have 42 percent fewer hospital stays and 18 percent fewer ER appointments than Medicare Advantage (MA) non-participants.

In addition, when hospitalizations do occur, SilverSneakers patients spend 4.4 days in the hospital compared to 5.8 days for non-participants.

“Physical activity has been shown to improve mobility. It has the ability to improve strength. It will help people in their ability to be flexible. Richard Ashworth, president, and CEO of Tivity Health, which runs SilverSneakers, told Home Health Care News that it makes people function much as they did in their younger years as they grow older.

Physical exercise, according to Ashworth, includes everything from walking clubs to cycling, weight training, and more.

“We know that both of those exercises benefit the heart, brain, and muscle control, which will help [seniors] avoid falls and, of course, cardiovascular issues,” he said.

Another benefit of outdoor fitness services like SilverSneakers is that they will help you save money on health insurance.

In reality, as relative to non-participating Medicare Advantage members, SilverSneakers programme participants had a 16 percent reduction in their annual health care expenditures.

Partnerships are one of SilverSneakers’ strategic foundations as it seeks to expand. According to Ashworth, this means the firm is looking at partnerships with home-based nursing agencies and other senior care suppliers.

“It may be professional nursing,” says the narrator. That may be in-home support or at-risk provider classes. He said, “There are a lot of different ways where we should partner.” “We’re open to a variety of collaborations in which SilverSneakers can be used as a benefit in raising senior health and fitness awareness and engagement.”

The prospect of improving their market share by working with SilverSneakers, or a related company, to provide wellness facilities is a value-add for home-based care companies.

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