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How Amazon Healthcare Could Change Digital Health Plans

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Mike Kane/Bloomberg Maybe every agency’s worst fear is that Amazon will eventually establish its health insurance plan. The business has given one sign after another this, also, is a really real possibility. Amazon’s eventual entry into health care is good news for incumbent insurance since it confirms that the supposition that Amazon could one day disintermediate wellness plans and market its services directly to companies. Having now worked in CVS, many Blue Cross programs, and UnitedHealth Group’s Optum, I will definitively conclude that these disintermediation fears aren’t unfounded.

Driven from the electronic revolution, customer expectations of a seamless healthcare experience that’s both transparent and affordable have eventually caught up with the business. In case it could be this simple to store and buy services and products on Amazon’s market, why should health care be another? Healthcare consumerism is on the upswing, however, the healthcare sector has been slow to catch up with the fast digitization of its consumer base. In light of developing employee demand, companies have pushed greatly on health plans and PBMs to earn a swath of glistening digital health programs out there.

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