No matter how cold it is, just eat these things, you will feel the heat

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At present, a cold wave is sweeping across North India. The cold is at its peak. In such a situation, people try a variety of prescriptions to avoid this. From sweaters to jackets and heaters to bonfires, some people’s shivering does not go away. They feel much colder than other people. No matter how hot they wear, it’s cold that doesn’t seem to go away. In such a situation, let us tell you that many times people do not move much due to cold and sit in the same place. Because of this, their blood circulation decreases and the body parts are always cold. Therefore, you should keep your body a little active as well as you can keep your body warm by including these things in your diet. Let us tell you what things to include in your diet to keep yourself warm in this season.

These things will provide relief from cold


Pomegranate  contains fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C and plenty of anti-oxidant elements. Which improves blood flow in the body as well as keeps the flow of oxygen good. Drinking its juice not only gives energy to the body but pomegranate also keeps the body warm from inside in cold weather.

Green leafy vegetables

The nutritional properties found in green leafy vegetables not only work to protect the body from cold but can also help to keep the body strong and healthy from inside. It  also helps in relaxing blood  vessels and increasing blood flow.

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You can also use aroma-rich cinnamon to keep the  body warm. This spice warms the body. You can use it as a tea or its decoction. However, it should be consumed in small quantities.


Garlic is hot. By consuming it, energy remains in the body and the body also gets heat. Garlic is  used to improve blood circulation and keep the  heart good  .   It relaxes blood vessels and  helps to increase blood flow to  the tissue.


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