Acidity: If you are troubled by the problem of acidity, then follow these home remedies to get relief

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Home Remedies For Acidity: Nowadays the problem of acidity is common. The problem of acidity has to be faced by eating fried and spicy food. Due to which there is also a complaint of pain and heaviness in the stomach. However, staying empty stomach for a long time, consuming tea-coffee in excess can be the reason for acidity. If you ignore this problem for a long time, it can take a dangerous form for health. To reduce this problem, you can take the help of home remedies. Let us know about these effective measures…

1. Celery is beneficial

Ajwain is very effective in getting rid of acidity problem. People who have acidity problem can drink ajwain water. For this, take water in a bowl, add 2-3 teaspoons of celery and black salt to it. Boil it, when it becomes lukewarm, you can drink it.

2. Asafoetida is beneficial

Asafoetida present in the kitchen of your home is effective in providing relief from the problem of gas. For this mix asafoetida in lukewarm water. Drinking this can provide relief from the problem of acidity.

3. Ginger water

The properties present in ginger are helpful in reducing acidity. For this, boil ginger pieces in water, when it becomes lukewarm, you can drink it after filtering.

4. Consume buttermilk

If you have gas problem, you can drink buttermilk. The lactic acid present in it is considered helpful in reducing acidity.

5. Consume black pepper

If you have gas problem, then you can consume black pepper. For this, you can mix black pepper in milk and drink it.

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